Growing up there were many sneakers that were often missed due to the fact that they not available long enough for most of us to grab with our limited budgets as kids growing up. Some of these sneakers were hidden gems that we chat about all the time and wish they would be released again just for nostalgic reasons.

Throwback Thursday: THE ETONIC ‘AKEEM THE DREAM’


There are a lot of sneakers that have been forgotten out there due to the dominance of the bigger brands on the market. But, it is always refreshing to see them make a resurgence back into the sneaker scene to show the younger generation what we had available to us back in the day.

Throwback Thursdays – Sole Diva Edition – Reebok Freestyle Hi


There are quite a few sneakers that will ALWAYS last the test of time because they are considered to be timeless classics. Due to the fact that we are swamped by so many types of sneakers that come out with all sorts of great technology and colourways we tend to forget the kicks that started it all!

THROWBACK THURSDAYS – Vintage Print Ad for the Nike Air Jordan XI


Back in the 90s before everyone had access to the Internet and YouTube or could record everything on TV with their Personal Video Recorder (PVR), all we had was VHS tape recordings. That being said if you were brave enough to tape NBA playoff games you would be going through a lot of tapes.

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