Sole Diva – NIKE WMNS 2014 CITY PACK


Let me just start off by being completely honest with all of you out there…the latest release by Nike for the Sole Divas has given me a severe case of sneaker envy. If you have been following what I’ve been over the years of posting articles and reviews…I’m a sucker for sneakers that are just a straight solid colour.



With many high profile sporting events coming up during the summer of 2014 you better believe that Nike will make sure that they give the sneakerheads something to speak about. One of the biggest events to be taking place this summer, if not THE biggest depending on who you ask is the FIFA World Cup that is taking place in Brazil. Now, for those of you that don’t know what that is…it is pretty much the biggest soccer/football tournament in the world that takes place every 4 years.

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Is New York The Mecca for Sneakers?

Flight Club NYC

New York has sat firmly on the top of the list of big market cities from the beginning of time. Taking center stage for fashion, sports and business. But, does it hold the title as the Mecca for Sneakers? Starting with the bare basics, what other city comes to mind when you think of style, music and history […]

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