Kixchange Canada II – June 5th 2016 at the Delta Toronto East in Scarborough, Ontario


As the years have progressed it has become the “in” thing to be a sneakerhead for many people. You begin to see this trend by the multiple sneaker events that seem to be popping up with a lot of people in attendance that have absolutely no clue what the sneaker culture is about. Fortunately, those events NEVER outshine the events that truly matter…

Air Max Mondays: Nike Air Max Lunar1 Winter Jacquard Black/Hyper Cobalt


Alright…I know no one really wants to talk about it, but we can only act like it isn’t coming for so long…WINTER! Yes Jack Frost has made an appearance way to early this year and because of that a lot of us sneakerheads have had to put some of out beautiful kicks on ice…no pun intended.



I’m not going to even try to lie about how I feel right now…let’s see…I’m hurt, jealous and upset just to name a few of the emotions that I’m feeling. What’s wrong you ask? Well, as of recently the designers at Nike have been blessing ALL OF US with some amazing sneakers in the Triple Black colourway, which have been a huge hit amongst all the sneakerheads.



I know you don’t want to hear this, but WINTER is coming! As sneakerheads we all know that wearing your prized kicks in the winter is probably the biggest risk you will take. The cold, snow, slush and dare I say it…the SALT! I shutter just thinking about it. The question is what do you do for those pretty much 6 to 8 grueling months of harsh weather?

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