AIR MAX MONDAYS: Sole Diva Edition – Nike Air Max I – VT QS “Mint Gum”


One of the best treats to have in the summer time is a nice ice cream cone and for me one of my favourite flavours is Mint Chocolate Chip. Though I’m lactose intolerant I still indulge in the wonderful world of ice cream every now and then…and pay for it dearly afterwards!

AIR MAX MONDAYS: Sole Diva Edition – Air Max Safari I Pack


Like most sneakerheads out there I’m always looking for that sneaker that makes people snap their necks to see when you are wearing it. I remember it like it was like yesterday…I was on ebay just looking around for some sneakers and then I saw them! The Nike Air Max 1 Safari in Red with black speckle and Blue highlights in the innersole. I felt my heart starts to race…these are THE sneakers and I have to them and they were in my size…well as per what ebay stated.

Sole Theory Presents: Sole Diva


So let’s be real with each other right now fellas…we all have had a case of sneaker envy every now and then. It is natural if you are a true sneakerhead. That being said most of the time when you see the sneaker catches your eye more than likely you know that it is something that you may have a chance in getting for yourself if y ou search hard enough.

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