Nike Wardour Max 1

Nike at times tends to put very little attention on certain kicks that truly deserve their moment in the spotlight. I would have to say that the Nike Wardour Max 1 is a prime example. I’m not boasting about these kicks because I got them. But if someone told me that there was a mid-cut Air Max 1 with basket weave leather detail. Aside from calling you a “bullshitter”, I would follow with a Ryu spin kick topped with an uppercut.

I don’t know if I’m more excited that these kicks are mid-cut or the attention detail that is ever “so-fresh and so-clean”. Either way, everything came together so seamlessly that I’m tempted to cop a few more pairs. Now, these kicks aren’t the easiest to scoop up as my search brought me to online European retailers that wanted my unborn child. However, I was fortunate enough to grab them on sale from an American retailer, whom I’ll remain nameless, until they cut that affiliate cheque.


  • Teiko Reindorf

    Damn these are hot

    • Kamar Martin

      Agreed Teekz!

  • Jeffrey Lyons

    Why are these bad boys not in mass production?!?! These are amazing kicks that fit in that grown and sexy look! At the same time…anyone that has these bad boys will get the wow factor when people see them! Great piece!

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