AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 95 (Silver Bullet)


Before there were so many people doing amazing custom work to sneakers and Nike ID came about all we could do as sneakerheads is imagine what certain kicks would look like if they changed them up a bit. To be realistic there are so many varieties out there that would be impossible to satisfy the tastes of everyone. That being said there are certain classic colourways that are so iconic you may have never thought about how it would look on another silhouette…well until now!


Check out the Nike Air Max 95 (Silver Bullet). I will be honest I have never thought that I would like this colourway on any other shoe…BUT I WAS WRONG! All I can say is WOW…when I began to see pics of this sneaker floating around online I just thought it was someone with some nice Photoshop skills showing what could possibly happen. But, when I began to see it at various angles and more online sneaker news platforms began showing them I became more intrigued.


The reasoning behind this beautiful colourway is Nike is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Nike Air Max 97. The sneaker that changed the game both in looks and in comfort. It is kind of shocking that they are using the silhouette of the Nike Air Max 95 to celebrate…but I’m not mad at them at all for doing it! I mean really look at it…it is a thing of BEAUTY!


This sneaker blends one of the most sought after sneakers with the most desired colourways. The blends between the silver layers and the 3M reflective material has always been a favourite amongst most sneakerheads. This sneaker is slated to be released in mid-April 2017, but I think this one will have people’s heads turning for sure because it is one of those sneakers that make you really wonder if what you are seeing is real…AND IT IS! Size 10.5 please and thanks!



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