Air Max Mondays: Nike Air Max Lunar1 Winter Jacquard Black/Hyper Cobalt


Alright…I know no one really wants to talk about it, but we can only act like it isn’t coming for so long…WINTER! Yes Jack Frost has made an appearance way to early this year and because of that a lot of us sneakerheads have had to put some of out beautiful kicks on ice…no pun intended. There is nothing more hurtful than having your options as to what your are going to rock on your feet cut down significantly due to weather. But, like anything else in this world there is a plus side to something like this…


Check out the Nike Air Max Lunar1 Winter Jacquard Black/Hyper Cobalt…good Lord try saying that 5 times fast! I don’t know about you…but I’m sold. I love me some bright colours and these joints have them. To some this may just be another Air Max and to people like me…you change the colourway and you have a brand new sneaker.


Like most of the new Air Max that have come out recently, the Nike Air Max Lunar1 Winter Jacquard Black/Hyper Cobalt offers some of the great new features and technology that have recently been added to their arsenal. Right away can see on the sole of the sneaker they have utilized the Lunarlon technology on the soles, which maximizes comfort as well as makes the sneaker VERY light. Next up you have the amazing Jacquard styling on the upper of the sneaker…how can you not like this sneaker? If that wasn’t enough for you…check out that colourway! Black/Hyper Cobalt, Hyper-Jade and Flash Lime…are you kidding me? Size 10.5 please and thanks!


Winter is coming…but with joints like this coming out…looks like we are going to have an amazing 2015 in the realm of the Air Max world…keep them coming!

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