There are many sneakers out there that have stories that we don’t know about. We often just look at the sneaker and either like or dislike it without giving them any further thoughts. I recently came across one of my favourite sneakers EVER that had a story that made me love it even more…


Well Nike did a collaboration with OSHU Doernbecher to give the children in that hospital a chance to design their own sneaker which will help to raise money and awareness for various illnesses. With all that being said these brilliant kids created the Doernbecher Freestyle Collection…for this post we are going to focus on the Nike Air Max 95 that is included in this pack.


Now, you may ask what makes these particular Nike Air Max 95s special? Well, they were designed by a 14 year old young man named Jacob Burris. This young man currently has a detached aorta, which makes every heartbeat that he gets is a struggle. In order to keep his heart pumping strong he has been fitted with something called a Dacron tube…look it up, he is one of the strongest kids for taking this on! Due to the life saving device this young brave man has been given the nickname “The Bionic Boy”…a well deserved name!


Mr. Jacob Burris has really designed a beautiful Nike Air Max 95 for this collection. It was inspired by his hero Spider-Man. When you take a look colorway of the sneaker it is very obvious, but what he did that is really nice is he added some reflective3M circuitry that just adds a whole new element of uniqueness to this sneaker. You can see this when light is put on the side panels of the Nike Air Max 95 in the dark…but it still maintains the Blue and Red colorway consistency at the same time.


If all this wasn’t enough these kicks got a nice touch of authenticity with the signature of Marvel creator Stan Lee on the bottom of the soles…now that’s BIG! I could go on and on about how nice these sneakers are, but there is a bigger and more important picture when it comes to the Doernbecher Freestyle Collection. With the purchase of these sneakers you are contributing to a bigger cause and helping children.


Like most sneakers featured in the Air Max Mondays series I would love to have a pair of these in my collection. But that being said I’m hoping they sell out fast over and over again to make sure these kids get the care that they need to beat whatever may keeping them in the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. There are many things that are bigger than sneakers…and this is one of them! Shout out to everyone that made this wonderful project come to life!


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