Well I know that it has been a while, but you know I wouldn’t stay away too long! It has been almost a year since we have blessed the sneakerhead community with an Air Max Monday post, but fear not…WE ARE BACK! So where should we start…we can maybe look at all the joints that we missed or maybe we can do what we do best over here at Sole Theory and keep things current.


With that being said let’s just right into the future with the Nike Air Max 2016! What a wonderful way to start off the year if you ask me! As you know Nike always releases a pair of Nike Air Max each year to add to their immense catalogue, some are hits and some are misses, but no matter what the case may be we ALWAYS look forward to see what they have coming for us.


Just by looking at the Nike Air Max 2016, it looks like they went with the less is more approach. The whole upper portion of the sneaker is made with Nike’s Engineered Mesh Technology which keeps your foot secure, but allows it to breath at the same time. This sneaker utilizes the Dynamic Flywire for the laces and a FULL Visible Air Unit that leaves nothing to the imagination. The portion of the sneaker that is not really focused on but caught my eye right away was the fact that they all come with a clear gel sole. Looks really sexy…but I’m wondering how long that will stay nice and fresh?!?!?


As always with any new released Nike Air Max the masses always want to know what colorways are going to be coming out. Well there has been nothing confirmed, but like always if you check online and Google them you will find a very wide range colorways displayed on the Nike Air Max 2016 pallet. These are definitely a pair of kicks I want to be rocking come the New Year…what about you?

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