AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 2014 – Hyper Grape

If you are like me and many other sneakerheads out there…sometimes there are sneakers that are released and you like them, but there is just that one thing that is missing on them for you. The problem for us most of the time is we just can’t put our finger on what that missing piece is, so some of us end up not grabbing the shoe at all. As of recent Nike has been killing the market with amazing colourways that have changed our views on sneakers that we were never even consider taking a glance at…much less buy them.


Check out the Nike Air Max 2014 – Hyper GrapeI WANTT THEM! You can say what you want about the colourway, but I did my research and these are actually for the fellas out there! LOL There are not many sneakers for men out there that have any of the purple hues on them…but these joints right here can do the job for you.


The Nike Air Max 2014 – Hyper Grape is a wonderful blend of both Nike’s amazing sneaker technology and a colourway that completely re-introduces this sneaker to the market.  The 2 most prominent colours that you will see in this sneaker are Hyper Grape and Hyper Jade. These colours flow throughout the sneaker under an amazing Flyknit mesh covering the whole upper of the sneaker.


It has been over a year that this sneaker for over a year, but the Nike Air Max 2014 – Hyper Grape makes it feel as though it is BRAND NEW! This sneaker proves my point that when you change up the colourway of a sneaker you can really change the way the sneaker community will embrace it. Now…where do I find these joints?!?!


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