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Louis B is no slouch when it comes to telling you a thing or two about the sneaker game. This emcee, entrepreneur and certified sneakerhead won’t come out and say it but it’s very clear that not too many people are on his level when it comes to kicks. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure he’ll instagram you his sneaker receipts to prove it.

You brought out some pretty intense kicks, how many kicks do you have in your collection?
My collection is in the neighborhood of 500.

Mostly what brand?
Nike would be the dominant brand taking up the highest percentage. Then after would be Adidas, Reebok and everything else. I like big name designers too.

Out of your designer collection of shoes, who would you say is your favorite?
When I just started messing with designer shoes Gucci was my fav because it was that loud, eye grabbing, popping really different blend. It was an alternative to Jordans for me. Everyone was wearing Jordans so I said let me get Guccis. First of all they’re two to three times the price so you’re going to see less people in them, plus it fit my look at the time.

Now I’d have to say YSL, Louis Vuitton and Louboutins are my favorite designers right now. Out of the designers the most comfortable is Prada. But those three are my favorite when comes to looks, aesthetics everything is great about those three.

“Nike hasn’t brought out anything besides the Yeezys, LeBrons and maybe the Spizikes…”

What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of kicks?
The most would be $2000-$2500 the (spiked Louboutins.)

Would you spend more than that if you had to?
The only shoe that I’ve seen would be the re-release of the Back to the Future – Marty McFlys. I was going to get them. Then I said, “I actually have to try them on first because to spend 5 racks on a sneaker you never tried on and you don’t know how it fits is kind of ridiculous.”

How would you compare classic kicks from the 90s to the re-released versions today?
A lot of designers have come up since the 90s and are now doing a lot of great designs. I think Nike hasn’t brought out anything besides the Yeezys, LeBrons and maybe the Spizikes that has that stand out appeal like back in the day. 10 plus years ago I remember when the black and neon Reggie Millers came out they were $230 and it was crazy. If you had those everyone was like, “Oh my god!” Nike always had a pair of shoes coming out every month. I don’t really feel that anymore, most of what’s going on right now are people grabbing the re-releases because those were the hot kicks when designs were designs.

So Nike is benefiting greatly off of their past catalog of kicks?
Yeah and they’re not really doing enough to really make a statement on shoe designs nowadays. Maybe that has yet to be seen, 10 years from now they’ll be re-releasing shoes that came out today.

If you got approached to do a custom sneaker for a no-name brand would you do it?
It all depends; a lot of the shoes that I have don’t fall into a particular mold. A lot of the people I know follow Jordans or they only do Air Max. For me, it’s whatever shoe is hot. I’ll walk into a store and if I see something that looks hot I‘m going to pick it up. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it represents quality and it has to represent fresh. From when it’s fresh and a quality product I’m going to pick it up. If a brand approached me with those characteristics I’d definitely jump on it.

What are your top 3 kicks of all time?
Although I have favorite shoes, favorites and top 3 of all time are kind of different. The black Jordan IIIs would be one. Number two would be the Air Yeezy I, it’s the most comfortable and fliest shoe. The third shoe I would have to say are my graffiti inspired Louis Vuittons. No matter what, when you put those on they’re just the element of fresh they stay fresh 24/7.

What’s the next shoe you’re looking to purchase?
El Cappy has agreed to customize two pairs of shoes so I picked up a pair of Oreos (Jordan VII – black and white). He’s going to turn them into the South Beach LeBrons. I wasn’t able to get two pairs of the South Beaches so if I can get El Cappy to do my Jordan VIIs then I’ll actually wear my South Beach LeBrons. YouTube El Cappy, he has some of the freshest designs when it comes to kicks.
Is there a sneaker you wish they would re-release?
I would say the Infrared Jordan VIs if they ever came back out I would buy like 5 pairs. The Infrareds are one of the dopest shoes and I’d love to have them as an everyday shoe… or the Jordan Is in black and red.

Do you have any tips for people that are trying to build a sneaker collection?
I keep in touch with a lot of the key shoe stores. Whether it’s Live Stock in Toronto or Flight Club in New York. Build a relationship with them and buy your shoes from them. So when exclusives come out they’ll call you and look out for you. People want continued business and they want to keep customers happy.

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