Sneaker Roast: Big Baller Brand ZO2

LaVar Ball is:

“The worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years.”

as stated by veteran Nike  executive George Raveling.


To be honest with you there’s not much to say because this sums up how many people feel about Mr. LaVar Ball and his antics over the past couple months. He is by far one of the most arrogant and annoying people to hit the scene in a long time, but what makes it worse he has RUINED the futures of his 3 sons without them even getting a chance to start their own professional sports careers. To give you an idea of how terrible he is…he makes bad soccer moms and pageant moms look like nuns! This fool…yes I said FOOL said in his prime he could beat Michael Jordan! …I’m not even going to get into how many ways this is one of the most IDIOTIC statements of all time, but I’m pretty sure most people agree with me.


Due to the antics of Mr. Ball the sneaker giants Nike, Adidas and Under Armor decided to pass on an endorsement deal for his sons, who he claims are worth over a billion dollars…SIGH. Based on this epic fail we can assume Reebok and all other brands will more than likely pass on these young men as well. With all that being said the Internet exploded…in a bad way…when the Big Baller Brand ZO2 pictures were released.


As a sneakerhead, the first thing I did was start laughing because I thought it had to be a joke…this is not a real shoe…NO WAY! Then as more and more information came about I learned it was real…VERY REAL! Who would even collaborate with this mad man…or why would you…do you hate yourself? Just looking at the sneaker it looked like a rip off of some of the most popular kicks out at this moment.

I could go on and on about why this sneaker is a piece of garbage, but I will break down the most obvious parts. First off, it is pretty much a sorry attempt at making the Nike Air Kobe Black Mambas 11s…in fact it rips off parts of the Kobe 9 Lows, 10 and 11s! Makes sense seeing he is a California native that he would steal the silhouettes from one of the greatest players of all time Kobe Bryant. It doesn’t really take much explaining…look for yourself.

Online-Sale-Nike-Kobe-9-Low-EM-Black-Gold-For-Mens-3Nike Kobe X (10) Elite Black Goldnike-kobe-11-ftb-black-mamba-00

Let’s now talk about the soles and the “technology” that these shoes…sigh…or the lack there of. As you know Adidas has made a HUGE comeback in the sneaker world with their Boost technology and as a sneaker community we have been so happy to see that this has added variety to the market. There is nothing better than having sneaker diversity available to you as a sneakerhead. That being said…this man just straight jacked the look of the Boost sole on his sneaker. It’s probably safe to say that it feels nowhere close to what a Adidas Boost sneaker does…but the blatant audacity of this man…I mean this is just a straight rip off.

Recently, it has come up that the actual logo used for the Big Baller Brand ZO2 is soemthing that was taken from one of Ohio State’s wide receivers brand called Zone 6. I will just let you look at it for yourself and make up your mind…


Now, for the best part…ready? These things that you put on your feet are going to cost $495 USD! That’s right for the low cost of 2 pairs of NIKE AIR JORDANS the best player EVER to touch a basketball you can have the Big Baller Brand ZO2s that are going to be worn by…well…his sons I guess! Mr. LaVar Ball stated that if you can’t afford these sneakers “you’re not a big baller.”…ummm ok. When he was asked to further explain the price of this sneaker he said “I figure that’s what the shoe is worth. When you are your own owner you can come up with any price you want.” Please…someone come get this man PLEASE!


Bottom line is…this man is going to ruin his 3 boys careers before they ever touch a NBA court. The worst thing is they are really good players, but no one will care because of this man’s antics on top of that they missed out on millions of dollars of endorsements from the sneaker juggernauts…what a shame!

If you want me to sum up how I feel about these sneakers I can put it in simple terms…I WOULDN’T EVEN CUT MY GRASS IN THEM! To ALL sneakerheads you know what grass can do to shoe!

Oh and if you even care they also have slippers or slides depending on who you ask…


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