AIR JORDAN 2010: Take A Look Through the Air Jordan Window


With all the accolades that the Air Jordan sneaker had accomplished over the many years of production the Air Jordan 2010 represented another milestone in the world of athletic footwear. The Air Jordan had now reached its 25th sneaker in the lineup. As with anything else in the Air Jordan series, when they reached a milestone of any kind they would call on the gentlemen that made the sneaker brand as powerful as it was…Mr. Tinker Hatfield.

Air Jordan 2009: The Legacy Continues


It has been a year since the release of the Air Jordan XXIII and the sneaker community is wondering if this is the end of the glorious Air Jordan line. A quick answer…NO! Thankfully the Air Jordan legacy was going to continue on, but instead of following the Roman numeral format they had now opted to use the actual year of release for the name of the sneaker. So, the next sneaker in the line was named Air Jordan 2009.

Air Jordan XXIII: The Milestone Sneaker


There is really only one word that can describe the Air Jordan XXIII…MILESTONE!!! In 1985 when Nike introduced the Air Jordan sneaker line to the world I don’t think that they could have foreseen what the outcome could have been. Billions of dollars in revenue for a brand that stood out like no other in the world and a legacy that went far and beyond just the sports world!

Air Jordan XXII: The Jordan Fighter Jet Sets Flight


To have to create another Air Jordan sneaker by this time would just seem like an impossible task, but just like Michael Jordan demonstrated time and again with his basketball performances…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! 2007 introduced us to the Air Jordan XXII, a sleek new creation from the mind of D’Wayne Edwards for a second year in a row […]

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