Do You Sneaker Stare?

Adidas Roundhouse Mid

We all do it, unfortunately some more than others. Some might admit to it while others are in denial. It’s the ever so common glance or stare at someones shoes. There’s a huge difference between a glance and a stare. If your glance is longer than 1.5 seconds then it can be classified as a stare, and if you’re from Toronto that stare can easily be matched by a “screw-face” […]

Do You Know Your Sneaker Rights?

Sneaker Rights

So you and your friend have the same taste when it comes to footwear. You both go to the store and want to buy the exact same shoe. Sound familiar? The rules of the game are simply this: Purchasing the same shoe is permitted but wearing it at the same time is prohibited. Unless you’re part of a sports team or you’re a twin between the ages of 0 to 5 years old – in those cases you get exempted […]

How Strong Is Your Sneaker Rotation?


Having a steady flow in your shoe rotation is one of the most fundamental rules in shoe etiquette. Essentially what this means is that there should be no reason for a shoe enthusiast to wear the same pair of shoes for 7 days straight.This offense is heavily frowned upon within the shoe coalition. There are some exceptions to the rule […]

Sneaker Captivity


Many of you wait for a major event or the big bbq where you’ve been the reigning champ for rocking the most authentic sneakers. I on the other hand have a severe impulse to wear my new shoes within 48 hours of purchase. I think it all started as a kid when my mom would let me wear my new pair of shoes right out of the store. I clearly remember feeling like a king on my red & black BMX bike […]

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