No Sneakers Allowed, I Beg to Differ


Many, if not all sneaker heads have faced the on-going issue of being turned away at the door of a club because they were wearing sneakers. I could understand if I was wearing  a pair of beat up kicks that were covered in grass stains from my morning chores.  But c’mon, you’re telling me that my Space Jams or number V Jordans aren’t worthy of entering?…That’s B*LL$H!T! […]

The California Sneaker Society


A state with 365 days of sun, celebrities and the headquarters to some of the world’s most notable companies. California might have to make a claim as one of North America’s top sneaker hubs as well. This west coast state has established its own style and culture within music and fashion over the years. So, by right it should have a strong sneaker offering, no?

Is New York The Mecca for Sneakers?

Flight Club NYC

New York has sat firmly on the top of the list of big market cities from the beginning of time. Taking center stage for fashion, sports and business. But, does it hold the title as the Mecca for Sneakers? Starting with the bare basics, what other city comes to mind when you think of style, music and history […]

Sneaker Brand Loyalty or Brainwashed?

Bo Knows

Representing a particular sneaker brand has shaped the identity of many sneaker lovers. Most sneaker heads have a prominent brand that is the nucleus of their collection. I’ll admit, at one point in my sneaker career, I was completely biased to only wearing “NIKE”. Who can blame a kid wanting to know what “Bo Knows?” […]

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