Sneakers at Work


Between Monday to Friday many of us are stuck at a place from 9-5 wearing uncomfortable and not so fashionable footwear. Sound familiar? If so, you are one of many people that can’t wait for the day/week to be over so you can ditch the hard bottoms and rock a pair of kicks. Now obviously […]

10 Things to Never Say to a Sneakerhead


10. “How much would you sell them for?” Real SneakerHeads know how to deal with this kind of questioning. Kiss your marriage goodbye 9. “What kind of shoes are those?” (Never mind… Look away) 8. “You should’ve got the (insert color) and (insert color) ones. They look better than those.” Subliminal hate at its finest. Why […]

So they are JUST Air Jordans you say


As much as most people would like to think that having the re-release of the Air Jordan XI also known as the Concords is not a big deal…IT IS! Some people would say that various individuals have gone a bit far to get these sneakers, but at the same time people line up for days for the newest product from Apple and people tend to forget about the people that lined up for the release of the new Call of Duty video game.

Sneaker Hunting in New York


Fresh from a quick trip to New York, and to my surprise the sneaker game was a little weaker than normal. I can’t help but set high standards when I go to New York. Especially- during my last trip, when I scored 3 kicks in a matter of minutes. So, am I wrong for setting expectations a little above the norm?

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