Air Jordan XI Madness Part 2?


If you are a fan of the Air Jordan sneaker line you should know how important the date December 21, 2012 is! That’s right…it is the day that the Air Jordan XI will be re-released to the masses in the black, red and white colorway […]

New Balance’s Top Releases of 2012


Say what you want but when it comes to New Balance not too many brands can compete with their styles and colorways. Sure they might be riding off of the success of their signature models but what brand isn’t these days? […]

Sneakerhead Stocking Stuffers


The ultimate gift for any sneaker-head is a nicely wrapped pair of limited edition kicks. To suspect that a loved one will strap on protective gear; battle a few hundred sneaker fiends waiting in line for the same kicks, is highly unlikely […]

Sneaker Inspired Fabrics


A good friend of mine put me onto this designer Stefan Dukaczewski aka: MSTRPLN. Who is sure to make you look at your furniture a little different […]

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