THROWBACK THURSDAYS – Vintage Print Ad for the Converse Aero-Glide


In the late 80s and 90s a lot of the sneakers that were very popular had VERY heavy ad campaigns associated with them. Some of them good and some of them bad, but for the most part they were all memorable for us as sneakerheads to remember.

Toronto’s Sneaker Revitalization Expert: Doms Restorations – Part 1

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If you have keeping up with what we have been doing at Sole Theory you would know that we have featured some people that do very interesting things with sneakers. We have featured people that do everything from chop up some of the best sneakers ever made to create masks to people who recreate sneakers with construction paper. One of the features that we did that created the most buzz was on a Raleigh Restorations.



As Air Max lovers we often focused on the most popular models of this classic sneaker and forget that there have been many other models that were quite nice. Due to the fact that classics like the Nike Air Max 1/87, 90, 95 and the list goes on various rare Air Max don’t get the type of limelight that they deserve, but when you see someone with them you damn near break your neck to get a look.

THROWBACK THURSDAYS: Vintage Print Ad for the Reebok Court Victory Pump

Reebok Court Victory Pump

If you ask most sneakerheads they will probably tell you that they considered the 90s to be the golden era for sneakers. Almost everything that people are killing themselves for now and sleeping on the floor in front of shops to get originated from the 90s. It seemed like every other day there was another sneaker gem being released for us to drool over.

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