Big Philly’s Sneaker World


It’s not often we come across an individual that wears many hats and truly wears them all to the fullest. Meet Big Philly the MC, Radio Host, DJ, Writer and Sneakerhead. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone like Big Philly comes along and gives you a tap on the shoulder to remind you that some kicks can’t be put into words. […]

Inside The Sneaker Mind of DJ P-Plus


If P-Plus’s name isn’t buzzing when it comes to top DJs in Toronto, then it is definitely being mentioned when it comes to kicks. Much like his taste for classic Hip Hop tracks and other timeless music, his sneaker taste reflects just that […]

Kayla’s Kick Game


Recently I caught up with Kayla, A female sneakerhead from Nashville Tennessee with a heavy stash of goodies who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s official, her collection is deep and she got the respect of her city. Meet Kayla Kicks. […]

Sneaker Talk With DJ Grouch


Now with the all the new technology floating around everyone and their grandmother call themselves a DJ, but when it comes to being a pure DJ they are far and few between…let me introduce you to DJ Grouch […]

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