Inside Shawnie Boy’s Sneaker Chamber


From the day I met Shawn our main topic of discussion have always been about sneakers. If he isn’t trying to offer me a price on my OG Jordan IVs then he’s online buying and selling kicks.

Sneakers Unmasked: Freehand Profit


What if we told you there’s a guy that takes your favorite kicks and cuts them up to use as materials for his art pieces? […]

Kicks & Cuts: Patrice Alexander


It is no secret that most sneakerheads like to look good from head to toe, so it should be no surprise that you see most sneakerheads with a fresh haircut to match their fresh kicks. For as long as I can remember the barbershop has been a place where you could see some of the best sneakers around, even at the risk of getting hair all over them […]

A Sneakerhead with No Limits – Louis B.


Louis B is no slouch when it comes to telling you a thing or two about the sneaker game. This emcee, entrepreneur and certified sneakerhead won’t come out and say it but it’s very clear that not too many people are on his level when it comes to kicks […]

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