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Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of finally getting a chance to see Las Vegas, Nevada aka Sin City. It was K Laced birthday and he decided that he wanted to ring in another great year there…and who am I to argue? As any sneakerhead from Canada knows when you are going to the […]

Toronto’s Sneaker Revitalization Expert: Doms Restorations – Part 2

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Well sneakerheads I know that you all want to know more about Doms Restorations so without any further delay let us get back into it…

Toronto’s Sneaker Revitalization Expert: Doms Restorations – Part 1

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If you have keeping up with what we have been doing at Sole Theory you would know that we have featured some people that do very interesting things with sneakers. We have featured people that do everything from chop up some of the best sneakers ever made to create masks to people who recreate sneakers with construction paper. One of the features that we did that created the most buzz was on a Raleigh Restorations.

Big C and the Shoeseum


Whenever you sit down and speak with a sneakerhead they will more then likely always know someone that has a crazy collection of sneakers for one reason or another. When we started doing these interviews for Sole Theory that was a common theme, but it is not often when people from 2 worlds mention the same person.

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