Air Jordan VI: A Sneaker Fit For A Champion


Like all the sneakers in the line the Air Jordan VI was designed to reflect Michael Jordan’s lifestyle and personality. It is stated that the loop or pull tab at the back of the shoe is supposed to resemble the spoiler on Jordan’s slant nose Porsche. On the tongue of the shoe there were two re-enforced holes making it much easier for one to put the shoe on. It has said that these very features on the sneaker were requested by Jordan himself […]

Air Jordan V: Continuing To Push The Limits

Air Jordan V

In February of 1990 the Air Jordan V hit the courts on might Michael Jordan’s feet. This sneaker was flashy and as stunning as all the sneakers in the past, but at the same time it had much more character then some of the shoes that were released after it. It has said that this was sneaker that showcased the brilliance and innovation of Tinker Hatfield’s design […]

Air Jordan IV: Yeah, It’s The Shoes!!!

Air Jordan IV

After the mind blowing success of the Air Jordan III sneaker one could only wonder what Mr. Hatfield come up with next. The answer to that was the…Air Jordan IV. Due to the massive following that this sneaker had created the demand for the Air Jordan shoe was like no other on the market […]

Air Jordan III: Introducing The Jumpman…


To a lot of people out there the Air Jordan III is considered to be the favorite. If there is any shoe that made a mark on the world it was this one…everything from the design to the way it was marketed made this shoe a MUST HAVE MONSTER to everyone that was into shoes! […]

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