The Downfall of Air Jordans


Now I’m sure tempers are flaring just based on the title. No need to sharpen the pitch forks or load up mom’s minivan with the homies to find me just yet. There’s an old saying, “that all good things must come to an end.” […]

Happy Birthday Michael “Air” Jordan!

Air Jordan 50th Birthday

Today is the birthday of the GREAT Michael “Air” Jordan! Whether it was for his jaw dropping athletic abilities on the basketball court, savvy business mind or for our purposes at Sole Theory…the most DOMINANT sneaker line EVER…you must respect him! He is respected by athletes, actors, musicians,

Retro Sneaker Ad Find of the Week: Carolina Jordan IX

Air Jordan NC ad

I dare someone to tell me that this wasn’t one of the craziest colorways of Jordans EVER! Pairing it with black laces was probably the best combo since Hulk Hogan and Macho Man formed The Mega Powers […]

Nike Air Jordan III Retro Re-Release


Word on the street is that Nike and the Jordan Brand have heard the cries from O.G sneaker heads and are re-releasing the classic Jordan IIIs. If you’re a new-schooler you’re saying, “Who gives a shit?” […]

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