Air Jordan II: The Rise To Greatness


Could the Air Jordan sneaker continue its dominance on the sneaker market? Well in 1986 Nike released the second version of the shoe to the public to continue the storm of success that the original did. This sneaker was designed by Bruce Kilgore who was the same individual that designed the widely popular Nike Air Force 1 […]

Sneaker All Stars: The Top 5 Best & Worse All Star Sneakers


The NBA All-Star weekend has delivered unforgettable moments in the history of sports. No other league has ever been able to match the level of entertainment like the NBA. Sneaker companies and other sports related corporations don’t slouch on this opportunity as well […]

Air Jordan I: The Beginning Of A Legacy


Believe it or not in the early 80’s Nike was a struggling brand looking for something to open up the flood gates for their success…enter Michael Jordan into the NBA, a young man drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1984. At that time Jordan had only played basketball in Converse, who at that time was sponsoring both Larry Bird and Ervin “Magic” Johnson and had no interest in the rookie […]

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