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Due to the dominance of sneaker brands like Nike, Reebok and Adidas many of the other sneaker companies often get forgotten by the sneaker community. I have said it before and I will definitely say it again, REAL sneakerheads MUST have diversity in their collections if they want to really brag…but that’s just my opinion. That being said, Toronto was recently blessed to have a great event showcasing Fila at the Bata Shoe Museum as the Grant Hill II sneaker was being introduced to the “OUT OF THE BOX: THE RISE OF SNEAKER CULTURE” exhibit.

Before I go on, if you claim to be a sneakerhead and have not taken the time to visit this exhibit…do yourself a HUGE favour and do so because I consider myself to have vast knowledge of sneakers and the culture behind it…yet I still learned something!

This event was put on as a collaboration between Toronto Loves Kicks and the Bata Shoe Museum, which took place on Saturday September 28, 2013 from 8pm to 12am. I had the pleasure of being invited to this event by Dion Walcott who is one half of Toronto Loves Kicks and got to meet his partner Lee Joseph when I arrived. If you are sneakerhead in the Greater Toronto Area it would be in your BEST interest to get to know these two individuals because they are doing a lot to put Toronto and Canada on the map when it comes to sneaker culture.

This event was very impressive and put together well for you to see where Fila has been as well as where they intend to go. One of the main features of this event was the Grant Hill II shoe worn by the man himself during the ’96 Summer Olympics when Team USA brought home the gold medal in basketball. You can say what you want, but during that time…Grant Hill was a beast in the basketball world…you may not have liked him, but you had to respect his game. Hence, why his sneaker was a HOT item in the sneaker world and many people were wearing them.

As you took time to glance at the various displays of Fila sneaker memorabilia your ears were being delighted by the sounds of DJ Channel Nine, who was providing the best in hip-hop, R&B and reggae. There was no mistaking that the event was being put on by Fila because everywhere you looked you saw that iconic “F” Fila logo on everything from the coasters to the throw pillows on the couches.

One of the things that people tend to forget about Fila is that they were a HUGE powerhouse in the 90s in regards to the sneaker world. Not only did they have people like Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse on their roster, but they also had people like Derek Jeter before he decided to go to Team Jordan. This was a great event and it took me down memory lane to show me how far many brands have come from to get to where they are now. One of my all-time favourite Fila kicks were the Fila F13s…if these ever see the light of day again I will be buying them in every colourway *HINT HINT*…and I’m talking about them 90s loud suede colours like Lime Green, Bright Yellow, Purple and the list goes on and on!

Special shout out going out to the Toronto Loves Kicks crew for keeping things in the sneakerworld current in Toronto!

Thanks for the invite and keep them events coming!

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