Toronto’s Sneaker Revitalization Expert: Doms Restorations – Part 2


Well sneakerheads I know that you all want to know more about Doms Restorations so without any further delay let us get back into it…

Has there been any sneaker that you haven’t been able to revitalize?

Well, I once got sent a photo of a pair of Varsity 6’s with a golf ball size hole in the side panel… yea; I’m not a miracle worker lol.

What is the your most memorable sneaker “Steal” or “come up”?

I found a pair of 1999 Jordan 5 Metallics In great condition at goodwill for $8, to say I was happy was an understatement, I think for the next week I told every dam person I talked to about it lol.

What is a sneaker that you would want to work on that you haven’t done yet?

I really enjoy working on older Air Maxes, a lot of them have never been retro’ed so for me theres something special about restoring them.

Do you stick with one brand of sneakers or do you repair all brands?

I try to never limit myself to one brand.


How does it feel to be sponsored?

It’s a dream come true.

Where do you get your parts from if you need them?

I always have bought my supplies from, who actually just sponsored Doms Restorations.  They pretty much have everything you need and are great people.  A big shout out to Turtlefeathers and JuJu customs, please go look them both up!

What is the usual time range for a full restoration to be completed?

Usually between 4-8 weeks depending on how many pairs I have on hand at the time.

Where do you see sneaker restoration being like 10 years from now?

Sneaker restoration in 10 years…  I think and hope restorers get better and find new techniques to push the limits of restoring!  I also hope restorers band together more and unite instead of creating animosity between each other.

What do you want your clients to get from your restoration work?

A great experience, a good looking shoe and a big smile

What has been the most memorable reaction from a client that you’ve had thus far?

My most memorable reaction was when my good friend Adam who I met through restoring his sneakers surprised me with a pair of Roshe Run FBs that I had been looking for forever as a thanks for the restorations I had done for him.  Adam was the first person I had ever done a restoration for and we’ve been friends ever since.  Big shout out goes to him and congrats on the baby!!!


What is the most rewarding part of doing restorations?

I think meeting and connecting with clients, showing them their newly restored sneaker and seeing their reaction is most rewarding.   Not to mention actually being able to do something I love and have a passion for that people appreciate.

What does it feel like being one of the only legit sneaker restoration businesses in Toronto if not Canada?

It feels good and makes me happy that Doms Restorations can put on for Canada and provide and service that the sneaker community wants and appreciates.

Do you see your business making the transition over to doing custom sneakers seeing that it has become very popular in the sneaker community?

I do feel that customs will slowly get more shine but restorations will always be the core as its where my roots are.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Probably one thing the most people don’t know about me is my birth name is Paul but everybody calls me Dom lol

How can people contact you?

How can people see your work?

Doms.Restorations on Instagram


Do you have a website?

We do not have a website as of yet

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

I would like to first thank you guys here at Soletheory for doing this interview, as well as Mikey and Marc for help put this together. I would like to thank everyone who every showed support in anyway, it really means a lot.  I`m sure I`m going to forget some people but I want to shout out my 2 friends and Northern Soles teammates Ryan and P, please go check them out on Instagram @Pforties @_Big_Fish, they’re doing amazing work.  Shout out to @SoleGta1, they’re doing big things, Niketalk for all the support over the many years, my family, friends, my girlfriend Nazz for putting up with me and last but not least Turtlefeathers for the sponsorship!


What are you waiting for?!?! Run and go get those kicks that you know that you’ve been holding on for dear life so you can breath life back into them through Doms Restorations! I know this is what a lot of you people have been waiting for so make sure to hit them up so that we can help grow their business…as a sneaker community in Toronto we need them just as much as they need us. Lord knows how horrible it feels when one of your prized kicks gets damaged and you know that you will either not be able to find it again…or have to sell blood to get another pair. These guys are FOR REAL and LEGIT!

I would like to take the time to thank Doms Restorations for doing this interview with Sole Theory. I know for a fact how busy they are and for them to take the time to sit down and do an interview with us was great! I have about 6 pairs of kicks I have lined up right now to get a touch up from Doms Restorations so I can only imagine what others have!


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