THROWBACK THURSDAYS: Vintage Print Ad for the Reebok Court Victory Pump

If you ask most sneakerheads they will probably tell you that they considered the 90s to be the golden era for sneakers. Almost everything that people are killing themselves for now and sleeping on the floor in front of shops to get originated from the 90s. It seemed like every other day there was another sneaker gem being released for us to drool over. What made it even better for us was the fact that we didn’t’ have things like the internet for instant access so when you saw some sneaker heat that no one had seen before they would either have to wait to see it for themselves or wait till you got it for them to see.

Even during the 90’s Nike dominated the sneaker scene, but every now and then another sneaker company would release something that would steal their thunder for a moment and send them to the background…just for a slight moment. One of the sneakers that able to do this was the Reebok Pump.  This sneaker became an overnight sensation after Dee Brown pumped up his sneakers before just dominating the 1991 NBA All Star Weekend Dunk Off. Due to this event when people thought of the Reebok Pump they automatically associated the sneaker with basketball.

So imagine my surprise when I was flipping through Sports Illustrated and saw this…


Is that what I think it is? A tennis ball on the Reebok Pump and it is FUZZY too! Oh my…I have to tell everyone! Funny thing is I didn’t look at the name of the sneaker nor pay attention to who the sneaker belonged to…I was a young sneakerhead, so I was still learning.  It was the Reebok Court Victory Pump and it was the official sneaker for Michael Chang who was an American tennis star. With these sneakers he was now a sneakerhead star as well because these sneakers brought some attention to a sport that we didn’t really care about in my area.

I remember going into school the next day and showing all my peeps the pic of these Reebok pumps with the fuzzy tennis ball on the tongue. Every single person that saw them lost their mind because we had all been programed to LOVE Nike and now we were being forced to like something outside the box…what a dilemma! But…a good one! LOL

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