Throwback Thursdays – Sole Diva Edition – Reebok Freestyle Hi


There are quite a few sneakers that will ALWAYS last the test of time because they are considered to be timeless classics. Due to the fact that we are swamped by so many types of sneakers that come out with all sorts of great technology and colourways we tend to forget the kicks that started it all! For a person like me I always find it nice to be walking around and see someone that rocks kicks that are vintage…which something I experienced at the gym recently. Special shout out going to that very nice older lady rocking sneaker heat on the stair climber putting in work!


Do you remember the Reebok Freestyle Hi? Oh boy, I remember at a time when this was the sneaker of choice for all the Sole Divas out there. They were simple, but yet garnished A LOT of attention. This sneaker also came in every colourway under the sun! Every time I think about this sneaker it makes me things of the female hip-hop groups Salt N Pepa and JJ Fad as well as the 6 O’clock Morning Workouts on City TV…ummm…how about we just forget that last one, I’m kind of dating myself! LOL


Whether you were an athlete or just an around the way girl, almost all the ladies back in the day had a pair in some colourway of the Reebok Freestyle Hi in their arsenal. They were plain and to the point…but SEXY and with a well put together outfit will make anyone’s head turn! In fact…to this day these sneakers can still make it. So much so that Alicia Keys came around and revitalized them and remixed these classics into some wedges for the Sole Divas to rock on the streets!


The Reebok Freestyle Hi will forever be a classic and if you are a serious collector of sneakers ladies you should make sure to have a pair of these in your vast collection of footwear.

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