Throwback Thursdays: Reebok Blacktop

The Blacktop for Reebok is what ODB was to Mariah Carey’s Fantasy remix. Basically taking an already successful product and injecting the well needed street credibility. The Reebok Blacktop had a gritty underground/street ball feel that any kid who was hooping back in the 90s, or at least addicted to NBA Jam can easily relate to. Reebok released two versions of the Blacktop that came with and without the legendary Pump. Back in high school, I remember the senior boys basketball team rocking the Blacktop warm-up suit with the sneakers to match. It even made the shittiest guy on the team look like he had game and provided a sense of hope that he wouldn’t ride the pine that day.


The Reebok Blacktops are slated to be re-released in spring 2014 and you can expect two distinct colourways. If you’re yearning to relive those special street ball moments, or redeem yourself from being a full-time bench player that never touched the court consider this your calling.

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