THROWBACK THURSDAYS: Reebok – Above the Rim Series

They be bluntin in they cars, they be bluntin in they jeeps
Above the rim, above the rim…
They be bluntin in they cars, they be bluntin in they jeeps
Above the rim, above the rim…

So right now you might be wondering what is that quote from…well in 1993 a VERY popular Hip-Hop/R&B group by the name of Bell Biv Devoe released a song called “Above the Rim” and it pretty much described what was going on in urban basketball culture. In 1994 a movie was released with the same name, which didn’t do too well at the box office, but is a classic in urban culture.

Above the Rim1

Before all these 2 cultural staples made their appearances, Reebok worked with a smaller company to create a small brand that had coined the phrase “Above the Rim” for some of their hoop wear that they had begun to promote in California.  It was released in the late 80s…some people state that it was in 1989, but it is hard to pinpoint due to the fact that some areas got exposed to the line before others did.


One of the most interesting things that most people do not know about this this line was the fact that it was the FIRST basketball themed apparel brand not associated with a sneaker brand…did you know that? Also…during its prime, it was outselling Nike, Adidas and Reebok themed hoop wear. Eventually, Reebok did release some sneakers that were link with the brand they did quite well amongst the basketball crowd. It was a very simply formula…everything had to match so why have an outfit that doesn’t have the matching kicks?

Later on Reebok tried to rebrand the “Above the Rim” by changing it to the acronym “ATR”, but by this time for most people the Jordan brand had far taken its dominance on the genre with no signs of looking back! All and all…the “Above the Rim” brand and saying mean a lot to many people from that era and it is interesting to see how a slogan could go across culture in clothes, footwear, music and film!

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