THROWBACK THURSDAYS: Nike Print Ad for the Nike Air Jordan Bordeaux

Before there was social media and the internet, a sneakerhead had to do A LOT of searching to see the next release of any sneaker.  So, the shock value and excitement for something coming out was a lot more mind blowing than it is nowadays. The way I was able to see previews of the new kicks was by catching some nice print ads in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. My dad had subscription to the magazine and it would come in the mail every week…so I would run home all the time to try and get to it before he did to see if there were any sneaker ads in it.

Well, I remember the one day I came home and saw the magazine on the kitchen table…I remember it vividly because I wasn’t impressed as of lately due to the fact that there hadn’t been a good Nike ad or any sneaker ad for that matter being placed in the issues. So I took my sweet time opening this one…but when I did I saw this…


WHAT THE HELL?!?!? What are these…when did they change the colourway of the Nike Air Jordans…WHERE CAN I GET THEM?!?!? MOOOOOOOOOM! (Sorry I don’t want to lie to you all…at this age when I wanted something I would have to start the bargaining really early with my mom…because my dad was not going to budge when it came to kicks! LOL) There were no words on the ad…it was just a picture of the new Nike Air Jordan VII in the Bordeaux colourway with a small pic of Michael himself dunking a ball at the top.

So you may be wondering what the big deal was…well at that time there had never been a Nike Air Jordan in that colourway and this was far and beyond the common Black, White and Red we had become accustomed to. As well, it wasn’t like I could just call up my boys and tell them to check some website of flip them the link of the pic through a text message or email…I had to find a way to sneak my dad’s brand new Sports Illustrated magazine to school to share to the masses the MASSIVE discovery that I had made!

Long story short…I was able to sneak the magazine out and reveal the Nike Air Jordan VIIs to my circle of friends the next to become the hero for a week! LOL Now, when something hits the world wide web it goes viral…but back in the day we had to dig deep to catch a new release!

As for when that Bugs Bunny…Hare Jordan ad dropped…let’s just say those pages got RIPPED out of the Sports Illustrated….LOL

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