So let me paint a picture for you…it’s the 80s and you and your friends are playing outside in your tight fleece shorts and t-shirt with your name spelled on the front with felt letters (I know you’re not laughing…because we all have photo album that will show the TRUE you!).  As I was saying…do you remember none of the shorts back in those days had any pockets so if you had change you would have to put it in your shoe and feel it moving around while you played…or even better one coin would flip up and stick you on the bottom of your foot…OUCH! The change you were keeping was often to buy some candy at the local store, so when you get there you have to pull off your shoes and get the change out. Then you see one of your friends reach down and pull a zipper down on the side of their shoe to take their change out…WHAT THE HELL?!?!?


Yes, that is the moment you get to see the KangaROOS sneaker. Such a simple concept for us kids back in the day was absolutely golden! A sneaker with a pocket that you could put your change or house key in…and even better look stylish at the same time! So, you know what all of us kids did as soon as we got home? BEG for a pair of KangaROOS!


The KangaROOS sneaker is an American sneaker brand that started up around 1979 and was produced throughout the 80s. This brand was created by an American jogging enthusiast and architect named Bob Gamm.  It is said that because Gamm was an avid runner he wanted a sneaker that he keep his change and keys in due to the fact that he wore light runner gear with no pockets in them. With a brilliant marketing scheme and great sneaker designs KangaROOS were selling in excess of 700,000 pairs a month in the early 80s…yes you read right 700,000 a month!


Today you will not catch many people rocking a pair of KangaROOS even though they have been re-released again. With a very Jordan, Nike, Lebron dominated market there is not much room for brands like KangaROOS to breakout again. Today’s sneaker market is saturated by more followers than leaders, but it is always great to remember those kicks that you could stash your keys and your penny candy money in!

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