THROWBACK THURSDAYS: British Knights…don’t lie you know you had them!


Do you remember the 90’s? If you do…do you remember the fashion or for some the lack there of? HAHAHA let’s be real right now, if you were ever going to take a fashion risk of any kind one of the most forgiving eras had to be the 90s. I remember everything from people hair styles down to their clothing would have every colour in the rainbow…and AT THE SAME TIME TOO! Some people’s outfits looked like a bag of Skittles threw up all over their clothes.

With all those colours blasting around the fashion scene you had better believe they had the sneakers to match every outfit. But, like all trends there will always be something that stands out and becomes the MUST HAVE item for an era. For some of us that was British Knights sneakers…(insert laughs and jokes here). You can say what you want, but depending on where you grew up or who your circle of friends were you HAD TO have some BKs on your feet or you could not hang with the big boys!

British Knights Ad

Let me take you down a trip on memory lane so I can let you know the moment where I knew I had to have these joints…yes I got them too…DON’T JUDGE ME! So, I remember I was very young at the time and was watching my Saturday morning cartoons. But, everyone knew that once the cartoons were done and noon came around on Saturday it was time for NBA Inside Stuff. Some people watched it for stats and personal insights of players…I watched it for 2 main reasons…1. ANYTHING JORDAN! 2. They would always play the newest commercials for the latest sneakers coming out…so even at a young age I had a thing for kicks.

Then it happened…this commercial came out and it was MC Hammer dancing around in these black and white sneakers that had elephant print on them. What the hell was I seeing right now?!?! *I just want to make it VERY clear that at this time in the 90’s MC Hammer was a musical God that could not do any wrong so him + sneakers = BUY! I just remember sitting right in front of the TV and thing “Oh man them kicks are Funky Fresh!Listen…I was heavy into hip-hop lingo and THAT’S what you said when you liked something DO NOT JUDGE ME!


I remember BEGGING my parents to get me a pair of British Knights because I just had to have them and be the first in my circle to have them. When we got to the local Foot Locker I remember they had them on their own display and I saw the pearly gates of heaven whereas I know for a fact my parents the depths of hell! LOL I’m not going to lie you all…these sneakers were the bulkiest, non-flexible, non-functional sneakers I had EVER got! They were the worst for games in the playground…I had to spend the whole recess being “it” in tag because I couldn’t catch anyone in my bulky British Knights…but I was still styling!

Funny enough British Knights were created in the United States in 1983 as a casual shoe brand.  The brand itself was established as an inner-city established brand geared mainly for males from the ages of 15 to 24 years old, which was driven by the urban music scene. Like most brands of that era it made huge splash on the scene and fizzled out, but what an impact it had. Everywhere you looked you saw people sporting kicks that had elephant print on them…and they weren’t Air Jordans or Jordache (yeah I said it…) It was a short lived hype…but it was one of times in your life where you can say that you were part of the “in” crowd…right?

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