Throwback Thursday: THE ETONIC ‘AKEEM THE DREAM’

There are a lot of sneakers that have been forgotten out there due to the dominance of the bigger brands on the market. But, it is always refreshing to see them make a resurgence back into the sneaker scene to show the younger generation what we had available to us back in the day. In the late 80s and early 90s there were brands galore on the sneaker market and that allowed for tones of sneakers for us to pledge our loyalty to.


How many of you remember the Etonic “Akeem the Dream” joints? I bet many of you don’t even know about Etonic. That brand is a classic in itself…but more important they had a sneaker for one of the greatest centers in NBA history Hakeem Olajuwon. Again…for those of you that don’t know who that is DO YOUR RESEARCH!


Like most sneakers from that era they seem quite simple , but represented so much more to us. During his prime in the NBA he was a dominating force in the center position and those that wanted to be like him. Sneakers back then were not as flashy and full of technology as they are now…they just exclusive enough for us to know that they were a certain person’s kicks.


Etonic took the time to bring back the original Akeem the Dream sneaker…everything from the colourway down to the box that it was packaged in when it dropped on the market. Seeing that he was the center for the Houston Rockets, the sneaker’s colourway was White with highlights of Red and Yellow on it. During this era of sneaker fashion it was normal to have hi tops and this sneaker did not miss a beat in that department. It was made of leather and could take a serious beating…trust me when I say this because I remember people in school that used this shoe for every sport and rocked them in all the seasons of weather as well.


Though this sneaker was not everyone’s cup of tea, it represents a nostalgic time in the sneaker game when the flood gates were open and there was a vast array of kicks and brands to choose from. This is a small piece of sneaker history that you should have under your belt!


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