Throwback Thursday: Converse Run N Slam

Often when you meet a real sneakerhead that was a part of the sneaker culture through what some people would call the “Golden Era” of the sneakers…the 90s…you often have a long conversation about things that you remember about  the sneaker world. Unless you have been locked in a cave for the past 10 years you must have heard the term “Throwback Thursday”. This is when people rack their memory banks to share various things from their past that they feel others can relate to or enjoy.

Well, I can’t tell you how many times I start a conversation with “Do you remember…” especially when it comes to sneakers. Let’s be real right now, a lot of what is being placed on the shelves of your local sneaker establishment is a re-release of a re-release that is something that I owned when it truly first came out and cost about $200 less than what you’re now paying for it. That being said, there was a lot more to the process of getting the latest new sneaker item because we didn’t have the internet to guide us through our searches for the newest and rarest colourways.

This is an opportunity for Sole Theory to dig down really deep into the archives of sneaker culture to show you that…there is more to this culture than just a SWOOSH! Believe or not when Lebron was still learning how to tie his laces most of the major sneaker brands were bringing some REAL sneaker heat! To make things even better we as fans were plastered with magazine ads, tv ads, music video sightings, TV show views and the list could go on and on of the various ways we got our exposure!

So…let’s do this Throwback Thursday Sole Theory style…

I remember in high school everyone had loyalty to their favorite sneaker brand. Some people only wore Adidas, other people only wore Reeboks and then there were people like myself that strictly wore Nike…but every now and then a sneaker would arise that would test that loyalty.

In 1993, Converse dropped a bombshell called the Run N Slam. At the time it was released it was the official sneaker for 2 of the biggest star players in the NBA, Kevin Johnson of the Phoenix Suns and Larry Johnson of the Charlotte Hornets. When it was first released it came in the colorways of their teams:

PhoenixSuns                  – White,Orangeand Purple

CharlotteHornets         – Black, Aqua Blue and Purple 

Converse - Run-N-Slam3

I never did pick up these sneakers because I was young and highly influenced by the Nike culture, but I always liked them. I have to give credit where it is due…Converse really made a bold statement with this sneaker and it is has forever been etched in my mind. If they do bring these gems back I will surely not make the same mistake twice…I WILL BUY THEM!

Converse - Run-N-Slam2

  • K-Laced

    These definitely deserve a nod but still fall slightly short to the Aero Jams aka: The GrandMamas

  • SuperFandral

    I’ve been doing the “remember when…” thing myself, and I was really curious to revisit these Converse models, the Run N Slam and the other ones (Aero Jam, Backjam, etc) from the early 90s. Converse seemed to have a grasp on cool, modern shoes, and then they did the All-Star 2000 and basically committed long-term business suicide.

    But these were great.

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