The Jordan Camp Serves Dessert With the Air Jordan V Retro – Oreo


Alright…so if you have been following Sole Theory and the journey that I took you through with all the Nike Air Jordans you should know by now how I feel about retro Jordans that are missing the “NIKE AIR” on the back of them. That being said…you will often hear that saying that the best way to get to someone is through their stomach. Well it seems like the designers at the Jordan camp were listening loud and clear…introducing the Air Jordan V Retro – Oreo. That’s right OREO…like the cookies and even if your Jordan collection seems full…there is ALWAYS room for dessert!


Lord knows I tried to turn my back on these bad boys, but they had me as soon as I heard “Oreo”! These are some nice kicks and although they are missing my key element of the Nike Air on the back…I may have to grab me a pair of these sneakers.  Yes…I know that I’m backsliding on my rules, but can you really blame me on this one?


The funny thing about these sneakers is they are truly one of the simplest ones to make…yet they stand out far beyond most of the retro Air Jordan V sneakers that were previously released. They used a very simple formula BLACK+COOL GREY+SUEDE+JORDAN V= FIYAH!!! With all the loud colourways and designs that have been coming out recently something simple is more than welcome into the sneaker world! To make things even better the Black portion of the sneaker is synthetic suede, which covers the majority of the sneaker…PERFECT!


Now, I don’t care who you are because once some says the word “Oreo” they have your attention…and it is no different with these sneakers. Those cookies were so simple, but so tasty at the same time. Jordan brand has really hit the nail on the head with these ones and just in time for the holidays as well…I mean we are friends here right? So just in case you wanted to put a smile on this sneakerhead’s face for the holidays I wear a size 10.5…I still believe in Santa!


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