Sole Exchange – June 25, 2016 at the Grand Victorian Convention Center


It is summer time in Toronto and all the great weather brings out the great display of kicks as far as the eyes can see. Lots of bright colours and classic styles all over and due to the fact that we don’t get many hot months in Canada the sneakerheads here take full advantage of it. But, the biggest problem is you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time so what better way to show case your collection than at a sneaker event where people within the Toronto sneaker community can appreciate them. Enter Sole Exchange…


On Saturday June 25, 2016 the team from Sole Exchange Canada put on a great sneaker event at the Grand Victorian Convention Center at 175 Derry Road E, Mississauga, Ontario from 12 pm to 6pm. It was a great spot with lots of space to walk around as well as great lighting, which for some odd reason has been a concern at many of the locations these events have taken place.  One of the best features of this venue is the fact that it has a nice balcony that gave you an overhead view of the whole venue and the patrons in attendance.


Like most sneaker events Sole Exchange brings out all the various types of people. First you have the sneakerheads…the REAL ones that know the culture and come to support the events to ensure that they continue to grow as well as to keep the awareness going. They have nothing to prove to anyone, but those that know sneakers know who is real and who the posers are. Then you have the curious people that just want to see what the big deal is around sneaker culture is and want to dabble in a world that seems to be unreal to them, but yet they can’t help to try and take it in. Next we just have the people that have the endless cash flow, who buy anything and everything that seems to be “in” and think that this makes them a legitimate sneakerhead…sorry it doesn’t work that way. As of recent we have “Captain Resell”…these are the guys that have been buying all the stock of the newest most desired sneakers and JACKING UP the prices on the sneaker community so that the prices keep going up to an unaffordable level…or is it just me that feels this way?


Like all sneaker events you will have the vendors showcasing their kicks, selling them or even trading them. Special shout out going to them boys at #canadagotsole always representing the sneaker culture in Toronto on a VERY high level. They had a tattoo artist in attendance that was busy at work. Sneakerheads know that the gear you rock with your kicks is just as important as the sneakers themselves.


They also have a vendor that we got to check out at Kixchange Canada that had an actual carnival type game where you try to pick a sneaker out of the machine with a robotic arm…which in turn had one of the biggest crowds at the event. To make matters even more amazing there was a lucky winner, which the whole room erupt with joy for the lucky guy. This is brings me back to my point that the sense of community amongst the sneakerhead community is unlike most out there…no hating just pure joy for the winner!


For the backdrop of the event there was a live DJ banging the latest and greatest tracks as well as some old school just that made you stop in your tracks to do a little 2 step! LOL…or was that just me? There was the scent of some nice home cooked food that went through the air as took a walk around, which was being served in the front lobby as well as some baked goods inside the venue itself. One of the most different elements was the host of the event, Yonge Jaffy. It is hard to label it, but it had that And 1 Mixtape meets a hype night club with a small touch of an auction all wrapped up together…and it works for this event. Taking the time to draw attention to various vendors and getting the attendees to loosen up and just have fun makes for some memorable experience beyond just sneakers.


As always the team at Sole Exchange put together a very solid event that shows their growth at each event. New vendors and locations always keep the event fresh and expose the sneaker culture to the 4 corners of the Toronto area…and beyond.  A big shout out going to Yonge Jaffy and Alvin for always giving us here at Sole Theory exclusive access to their events from the jump…we appreciate the access and we will continue to support Sole Exchange as long as you have it going!

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