I’m not going to even try to lie about how I feel right now…let’s see…I’m hurt, jealous and upset just to name a few of the emotions that I’m feeling. What’s wrong you ask? Well, as of recently the designers at Nike have been blessing ALL OF US with some amazing sneakers in the Triple Black colourway, which have been a huge hit amongst all the sneakerheads. So, like most people I have had my eyes glued to the net trying to find more varieties of sneakers in this colourway and I thought I struck gold. I did find gold…fool’s gold if you’re a male sneakerhead…SIGH…


Take a good look at the Nike WMNS Patent Croc Pack…yeah LOOK AT IT! Are you kidding me? Again the Sole Divas have a leg up on us…this series of sneakers is NUTS! This pack is comprised of the Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Lunar Force Sky Hi. After a bit more research I found some Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Air Force Ski Hi without the Lunarlon technology as well…is it part of this pack? I guess that will be determined when it is officially released.


It is one things to have a nice solid Triple Black sneaker, but when you add some nice texture like this patent leather Croc skin…it just takes to a whole new level of beautiful! These sneakers will have everyone looking at your feet for sure Sole Divas…including me…did I mention I’m jealous and hurt?


Hats off to the design team over at Nike for blessing the Sole Divas with a beautiful collection of sneakers. I don’t doubt for a second that this will be a hit and sell out everywhere! I’m just hoping with this amazing pack that there will be something for the men…maybe…please…PRETTY PLEASE!

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