So they are JUST Air Jordans you say

Riots…arrests…pepper spray…police being called…store front doors being kicked down…hmmm

So they are just sneakers huh? On December 23, 2011 Nike and the Air Jordan brand decided to re-release the Air Jordan XI and look what happened…

As much as most people would like to think that having the re-release of the Air Jordan XI also known as the Concords is not a big deal…IT IS! Some people would say that various individuals have gone a bit far to get these sneakers, but at the same time people line up for days for the newest product from Apple and people tend to forget about the people that lined up for the release of the new Call of Duty video game.


Let’s really put things into perspective here. When I gave you the breakdown of the Air Jordan XI I tried my best to get through it without getting weak! Air Jordan sneakers have been re-released in the past, but NONE of them got the reaction that these got. You have to realize that these sneakers symbolize the mighty return of Michael Jordan to the NBA, the dominance of the Chicago Bulls and were featured in the blockbuster movie Space Jam. Not to mention they are pretty much the most beautiful sneaker ever made just look at them…


So to you it may be just another sneaker, but if you ask any sneaker head they knew that the Air Jordan XI were coming out on December 23, 2011…meaning that Christmas came early for some people! Do I think it is a bit of overkill…well of course I do, but I also understand the feeling of walking out of Foot Locker or Champs with a pair of the Concords in your bag.

This is not the first time that the Air Jordan sneakers have been getting press for causing a frenzy. When the Air Jordan IVs came out in 1989 people were getting beaten up, robbed and even killed for them. Crazy, yes…but it was something that was happening more often than even the news could keep up with. I’m speaking from personal experience here…I have seen how low people will go to have a pair of his Airness’ sneakers…not a good look at all. There is no reason to smash glass, riot, fight or behave in any other type of radical manner for a pair of sneakers…get it together people! There is a reason why they re-release these sneakers…THE DEMAND IS THERE! Be patient and you too will have a pair on your feet to be like Mike.

All that being said the bottom line is…


This is coming from someone that loves himself a pair of Air Jordan XIs, but I would NEVER harm another person to get my hands on them.


Be safe and have a Happy Holidays from the Sole Theory family to yours.

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