Sneaker Talk with: Raekwon The Chef

Very few artists in the Hip Hop game can leave a lasting impression throughout their career. Back in 1994 after the huge success of the Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers. Raekwon blessed Hip Hop enthusiasts with the classic Only Built 4 Cuban Links which instantly marked his spot as a legend in the rap game. Beyond his lyrical word play and unique flow, his sense of style and taste in footwear has been recognized throughout his career.

He and his notable right hand Ghostface made everyone run out to buy a pair of Wallabee Clarks during Hip Hop’s golden era in the 90s. Fast forward a few years later and his love for kicks produced the track fittingly titled “Sneakers.” We had the privilege to catch up with Raekwon to have a candid chat about his views on kicks.

Never get caught in Lugz n***a!

What’s your favorite kicks of all time?
The God Gods, The Gucci pieces!

Yeah, it was soft it was like a tennis shoe and you had to be a real real n***a to have them on back then you know what I mean.

How long ago was that?
It was propably when you was a young lad (laughs)… Nah, probably back in ’85.

How many kicks do have in your collection?
To honest with you I’m just getting my shit back together you know what I mean. For a minute I fell off of sneakers. I felt they wasn’t really up to par no more. Uptowns/Airforces n***as done beat the shit out of them shits. You only get 48 hours to live in them shits. Them white joints, they be pissing me off . You spend a buck for your shit to just be on some… 2 days they looking like little powedery donuts and shit know what I mean (laughs).

I’ve been on my track shit lately. All kinds of shit from Asics, track Nikes, Adidas. You know we’ve been doing it for so long, It’s like we can spot a good sneaker if we see it.

Is there a pair of kicks you would never be caught dead in?
Ummm that’s a good question. Never get caught in Lugz n***a! (Laughs) But there’s some other shit out there.

What’s your top 3 kicks of all time?
The Jordan Vs the black and red pieces. The classic Air force you can never go wrong with that. That’s definitely a classic but I prolly stop wearing Air whites like 4 years ago. Last one… crush groovn’ Adidas pieces you can never go wrong… The shell never dies. Run DMC they made those pieces you know what I mean.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of kicks?
I mean it depends, the most I’d spend on a kick is like $500-$600. I was about to buy them Kanye West Nikes. I seen a grayish pair and shit I was gonna buy them and the n***a was like $1300! I was like WHAT?! Who you talking to (laughs). I still wanted them though so I tried them on and I ain’t gonna front. They looked good over a jean you know how we rock it. Put some gravy on it… you know what I mean, just smother it down it had a good sole on it. I was gonna buy it but they didn’t have my size so I had to call Kanye and shit and say yo, “Send like three pairs.”

Did he send them?
I ain’t get up with him yet. So Yeezy, yo I need 3 pairs… size 9!
• •

For those daring sneaker heads that tried to slip in a few pairs of Lugz as part of their collection. You’ve clearly been exposed to the bitter truth that Lugz have not and never will be cool…. sorry!

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