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Toronto has been making a strong name for itself in the music industry. Much of that credit can easily be taken by those artists in the forefront. However behind the scenes there lies a Grammy award winning producer creating hits with your favorite artists and goes by the name of Boi-1da. We had the opportunity to catch up with Boi-1da at a recent photo shoot. I’ll admit, I was bracing for the massive ego with a touch of annoying arrogance. Once we were introduced, Boi-1da put all of that to rest and exemplified a humble demeanor and was down to earth as if he hadn’t been making those top charting records. Above all that it helped that he was rocking a pair of Jordan XVII to kick start our sneaker interview.

Who in the industry would you say has the best sneaker game that you’ve seen?
Best sneaker I had seen was… (thinking) I was in the studio with Kreayshawn and she had on some fly sneakers everyday that we were in there. So, I liked her sneaker game a lot…she was very fashionable.

Are you really into collecting sneakers?
I like shoes that look good, but I don’t look for a certain particular shoe. I just look for a shoe and if it looks good I will wear it. I don’t pay attention to details with them I will just wear them and that goes with anything not only just shoes.

If you could re-release any sneaker, what sneaker would it be?
I had these sneakers…I can’t remember what they were called, but they had “Air” written on the side of them and they were black.

The Nike Air Uptempo?
Yeah! I think it was the Uptempo. I used to be so happy when I had those on. I would wear them during picture day at school and stuff like that. My mom was like “ok, today you get to wear your good shoes”! (laughing)

“When you step on rocks with shoes it’s not supposed to hurt.”

Who has a better sneaker game you or Drake?
Drake? Yeah…(starts laughing) probably Drake. He could buy Foot Locker and he hangs around so many fashionable people, so I would definitely say Drake.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of kicks? Which ones?
The most that I have ever spent on a pair of sneakers was $200…$200 something and they were the Jordan 6’s or something.

That’s a valid purchase!
Yeah…I like those shoes.

What’s the worst sneaker you owned as a kid?
Worst sneaker I ever had as a kid…(thinking)…these tight ass Converse shoes. I don’t remember the name, but they slipped right on and had no laces or anything like that.

Did it have a big tongue?
No, it had a tongue that was non-existent and you just slipped the shoe on. I don’t know what they were called, but I know that they were Converse though.

So if you saw them now would your recognize them?
Yeah I would

So they left a scar on you?
Yeah, I remember when I would step on rocks and it would hurt. I mean when you step on rocks with shoes it’s not supposed to hurt. (starts laughing)

What’ your top 3 kicks of all time?
The Air Jordan 6’s…like I said the Air Uptempo that spoke about earlier and the Chuck Taylors.

Is there a sneaker you missed out on?
Ummm…yeah I always wanted the Nike Uptowns. I thought I had them, but I wouldn’t get the right shoes. I remember when I would go back to school shopping and would pick the wrong shoe because I don’t pay attention to detail at all. Then I would go to school and say “look at my Uptowns” and then people would say “those aren’t Uptowns” (starts laughing)

• •

Despite getting the wrong “Uptowns” in his early days and dealing with half-assed Converse slip ons. There’s no denying that Boi1da has paid his dues in the sneaker game and at this rate of success he’ll likely have his own signature sneaker to add to the growing list of accolades.

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    dope interview…

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    I liked this interview…made me laugh.

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