Sneaker Roast: adiPure Trainers

I consider myself fairly open to new styles when it comes to footwear but these sneakers shaped like feet deserve a good roasting.  I’m sure those zen, runner/yoga types who spend their days teaching yoga and sipping green tea are all over this shoe. My first encounter with these neanderthal-like slip-ons was at the gym. It was the first time I actually hoped for the weights to fall on someone’s feet. What then sealed the deal for me was during my commute to work when I saw someone else trying to make them fashionable with street clothes. Who authorized the wearing of these things on the road? I can only imagine the type of meetings they had in regards to what foot shape the shoe should be in …”Let’s make it very Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble-like and since everyone is bound to flip rocks with their feet some day.”

I understand everyone seeks comfort with their footwear but this option doesn’t make any sense. Especially when everyone knows you can rock a pair of aqua socks and achieve the same satisfaction and not look like an Eastern Gorilla. Needless to say I might consider buying these shoes not for my feet but for the chance to give someone a good slap or in the illustrious words of Big Boi from OutKast to use my “Mean ass back hand that don’t miss.”

  • KeithJonz

    LOL how am I supposed to get my spray in the toes to remove the stank… and is there ever a time when anyone really needs to independently move their toes? 

    I won’t lie though, my Nike Free’s give my whole feet a workout when I *used to* do plyo. These may be a step up, but they’re also a step away from looking as creepy as socks with toes… yuck! 

    • Kamar Martin

      Lol! Agreed! I haven’t given the Nike Frees a chance yet. There’s no way they’ll disappoint compared to these. 

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