Sneaker Diversity: Saucony “Pumpkin Spice” Grid SD

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I will be first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of holiday themed sneakers, but every now and then one comes along that makes me want to eat my words. In a sneaker scene that seems to be dominated by Nike it would take a pretty big thing to divert our eyes off of that monster company at anytime. Well, it looks like Saucony has got me looking at them right now…and I turned my head so hard that I think I have whiplash!


With the fall now in full swing check out the Saucony “Pumpkin Spice” Grid SD for the season. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m sold already…JUST TAKE MY MONEY! I’m not into pumpkin spice anything whether it be the drinks people are going to Starbucks for or the baked goods that made in abundance for the fall…but these I can do these. One of the things that everyone can agree on about the fall is the colours are absolutely beautiful. Leafs changing shades and falling off of the trees with shades or reds, yellows, oranges, browns, greens and the lists goes on and on. So…now think of the AMAZING colourways you can create for a pair of sneakers with that palette?


These wonderful sneakers include some of the fall colours on them which make them stand out from the competition right away. The toe box is a beautiful off white suede (which is going to be a NIGHTMARE to keep clean) that flows right into rest of the sneaker that is made up of various brown leather highlighted by some yellow. In other words…WONDERFUL!


If you are lucky enough to grab the Saucony “Pumpkin Spice” Grid SD you will be the envy of many sneakerheads far and wide. There are not many kicks out there that will make people jump off the Nike train these days, but these will have them jump off without a second thought. They are slated to drop on October 21st and don’t slack because these will surely be gone FAST! Don’t sleep…

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