Everyone would love to have that one sneaker that they know others will not have. Unfortunately, with the amount of mass production of sneakers in today’s market it can sometime be hard for a sneakerhead to showcase their individuality. Like most cultures, the sneaker culture is made up of A LOT of followers and very few leaders, but it is the leaders that not spice up the culture…they also make sneakerheads aware of the market REALLY has to offer! For the most part you just have to be willing to jump out the “Nike is EVERYTHING!” mind frame and you will be able to see that there is lots of sneaker heat out there that does not sport the iconic Swoosh on them.


For those of you willing to go against the grain check out the Play Cloths x Saucony “Strange Fruit Pack”. I don’t know about you…but I’m SOLD! These sneakers are very simple, but very sharpe at the same time. They will have the heads of everyone turning to check you out wherever you go for sure! If you’re thinking to yourself that these sneakers look familiar…you are correct! A couple years ago Saucony released the Cotton Candy Pack which featured some beautiful colourways and they caused quite the stir amongst most sneakerhead circles.


This fall, be on the look out for this sneaker pack because it is something that will SURELY boast your sneaker status. Just like the previous pack these sneakers are all made with some premium suede. This time these beautiful kicks come in 3 colourways which are Crown Jewel, Neutral Grey and Burnt Orange. Just like the previous pack these sneakers also sport perforated stars on the toe box section making them very different from any sneaker you see on the market. The base of this sneaker is the Saucony Shadow 5000, which is a VERY popular sneaker in the Saucony catalogue, but these colourways have taken this sneaker to a whole new level of desire for sneakerheads.


Some of you may be wondering about the first portion of the name of these sneakers…”Play Cloths”. This brand was first started out by the hip-hop group the Clipse in 2009. Since then it has grown into a very reputable brand that being said it has not been confirmed whether or not Pusha T and Malice (The Clipse) are still involved with this brand.


Like most rare sneakers you will be hard pressed to find them at your local Foot Locker or Champs Sports. I on the other hand, I have been able to find quite a few spots online that have these bad boys in stock and ready to be shipped out…at a GREAT price as well I might add! Happy Hunting sneakerheads and make sure to practice Sneaker Diversity!


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