Sneaker Diversity: Introducing SwiftWear

One of the most amazing things about the sneaker culture in today’s market is the fact that even though there are millions of sneakers to choose from…for some reason most people tend to wear the same things all the time. Every company claims to have the newest technology and so on, but at the end of the day a lot of people don’t care because all they want is what is new. With the sneaker market pretty much dominated by a couple of strong brands it often makes it hard for another brand to come up and become popular with the sneakerhead community. As sneakerheads we have all had those moments where you’ve seen something that you liked, but then you decide not to follow through because they are (insert brand name here). You can say what you want, but I will be man enough to admit that I’ve done it before. Now that I’m older and more comfortable in my own skin I will wear what I like whenever I like and could care less what the masses say because for the most part I’ve earned my sneakerhead stripes!
The question I have for you now is…are you willing to step out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to rock a brand that no one was heard of or even seen before? Will YOU be the one to start the new trend in sneaker culture? Well let me give you a head start…introducing ShiftWear.

First off let’s discuss what ShiftWear is. To put it into very simple terms it is a sneaker that gives you a canvas to have complete creative control of the sneaker on your feet. What does that mean exactly…? Well let me put into perspective for you. Think about all those times you have wanted to go out and couldn’t find the right shoes for your outfit. Or, you’ve been out shopping and see a piece of clothing that you want to buy but know that you would be able to match it with your kicks at all…well those days are DONE!

With the ShiftWear line of sneakers those issues are virtually solved. What they have done in a brilliant manner is mesh the sneakerhead problems of old with the solutions of what we use daily and often. One of the biggest trends in sneaker culture right now is custom kicks…that pair of kicks that NO ONE else is rocking even though it is done over the base of an original sneaker. If you ask anyone that does custom sneaker work they will tell you it takes lots of time and energy only for ONE shoe. Now with ShiftWear you can create an exclusive design upload it to their marketplace and have people purchase for their sneakers all while getting paid for your hard work! This is all done using the technology that we use all day everyday…cell phones, tablets and our computers with software provided by them.

If I have peaked your interest you’re now wondering how this is this all done. Well ShiftWear states that they are utilizing “the latest in bendable, wearable, waterproof HD displays, mixed with the mobile technology to power it all from your phone or tablet.” Now…I couldn’t even make that up if I tried to, so you can imagine how many ears will perk up hearing things like waterproof HD displays because for the most part that is UNHEARD OF! If you think that’s not enough because they go on to say “Enjoy waterproof protection – so you can put them right in the washing machine. Kevlar Fibre coated soles resist damage and are ready to meet the challenge of the street.” Hold on wait…did they say put them in the WASHING MACHINE and KEVLAR FIBRE coated?!?!?! SOLD! Size 10.5 please and thanks…

The sneakers themselves have a very clean classic look to them. Almost reminiscent of mixture between Pro Keds and Converse’s Chuck Taylors (just in my opinion). This boasts a very large and vacant space on the side panels that are used for the canvas to create your masterpieces. The ShiftWear collection will be released in 3 models which are the L1 Classic, M1 Classic and the H1 Classic all of them are stated to be available in a Black and White/ Yellow/Green/Red/Blue blends. Due to the fact there have not been many pics or videos on these sneakers circling around I cannot confirm exactly how the colourway format will work for these sneakers.

With all these details the main question you’re probably asking yourself is how does these sneaker work? Well, from what has been released thus far the ShiftWear team say that you can use their software on your cellphone, tablet or computer and create your custom designs for your sneaker. It can then be transmitted from your phone onto your shoe…just like that! Not only does this sneaker have the capabilities to support or custom picture, but it can also support animations as well…which will literally blow the flood gates open for the really creative people. If you’re wondering how this will all be powered as well, ShiftWear state on their site that these sneakers use something called “Walk-N-Charge” technology which means you pretty much keep these joints charged as long as you keep walking. Otherwise they can be charged wireless if you don’t have them on. These sound like the best batteries EVER…need these for my phone! But that’s beside the point…

All in all, the ShiftWear sneakers look to push the kicks game to a whole new level especially with this technology. Hopefully when this sneaker does come out I will have the pleasure of doing a full review on it because there is no limit to what can be done in the sense customization with these joints.


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