Sneaker Captivity

Many of you wait for a major event or the big bbq where you’ve been the reigning champ for rocking the most authentic sneakers. I on the other hand have a severe impulse to wear my new shoes within 48 hours of purchase. I think it all started as a kid when my mom would let me wear my new pair of shoes right out of the store. I clearly remember feeling like a king on my red & black BMX bike barely trying to pedal so the kids can catch a glimpse of my feet.

Fast forward to my older years and now it’s a feeling of pure bliss when I bless the pavement with a fresh pair of killer kicks. Not to mention that with each step you’re discovering the true comfort of the shoe that can’t be replicated in the store. Knowing all the greatness that comes with a new pair of sneakers,¬† Why deny yourself one of life’s ultimate joys? I understand that when a big event is on the calendar you want everything to be perfect – particularly your shoe game. But if this event is several weeks away those shoes can make the time you spend waiting/the time you have to wait feel like a life sentence.

I commend those that have the patience to hold out until the time is right. However I refuse to be held captive by my sneakers.

  • I.B. Da Force Masta

    I guess I’m guilty! Because I wait till that day I’ve been waiting for all summer to rock my exclusive Air Forces because I know no one else is gonna have ’em anyway. I have over 100 pair of Forces and I have about 7 or 8 pair that I have yet to wear. I can’t help it I like them to stay fresh and clean. I’m a slave to my AF1’s and I love it! I don’t know if I will ever kick my habit maybe I don’t want to beacause as long as they keep making them I keep bying them.

    • K-Laced

      All the power to you. I’ve tried to wait and found myself not only cracking but buying more kicks to pass the time.

  • Dre_4k

    I too share the itch to wear my sneakers within 48hrs of buying them. It’s all about letting your feet look good and feel good, if you got ’em show ’em.

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