Sneaker Brand Loyalty or Brainwashed?

Bo Knows

Representing a particular sneaker brand has shaped the identity of many sneaker lovers. Most sneaker heads have a prominent brand that is the nucleus of their collection. I’ll admit, at one point in my sneaker career, I was completely biased to only wearing “NIKE”. Who can blame a kid wanting to know what “Bo Knows?” The utter thought of wearing any other brands was an act of treason. With the evolution of sneakers and new brands emerging over the years, my loyalty became very faint.

I can’t help but remember the days, when I wanted a pair of “ROOS” for the zipper on the side to stash all my riches (pennies) as a youngster. There was no flashy marketing campaign attached or a catchy slogan. All I could see was a shoe that had function – that’s it. Fast forward a few years and splash some creative campaigns by NIKE, REEBOK & ADIDAS – now everything has changed. As a consumer, you gravitated towards what athlete or celebrity was endorsing the shoe and what cool special effects were used in the commercials.


Needless to say I wouldn’t change a single thing on how things panned out. With all the marketing that has been used by all the sneaker companies, one would assume that there would be some sort of loyalty to various brands. It’s this loyalty that brings out the competition between companies to make sure that we as the consumers get the best “perceived” product in the end.

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