Sneaker All Stars: The Top 5 Best & Worse All Star Sneakers

The NBA All-Star weekend has delivered unforgettable moments in the history of sports. No other league has ever been able to match the level of entertainment like the NBA. Sneaker companies and other sports related corporations don’t slouch on this opportunity as well. Endorsement campaigns and cheap plugs are at an all time high during this weekend. Unfortunately some of them miss the mark while others prove their dominance. As the old saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.”

We would like to highlight the all time best and worst sneakers worn at the NBA All Star game.


#5 Adidas KB8


Year: 1997 All-Star Game
Player: Kobe Bryant

Nike may have dominated the basketball shoe game but Adidas came correct with the KB8. These sneakers were most known for the strong design details on the outward facing soles.

#4 Reebok Question


Year: 1997 All-Star Rookie Game
Player: Allen Iverson

Despite the fact this was a rookie all star game these sneakers couldn’t be ignored. This was arguably Reebok’s best basketball shoe since the Pumps.

#3 Nike Air Maestro


Year: 1994 All-Star Game
Player: Scottie Pippen

Unlike the ridiculously loud coloured sneakers that some players choose to wear as a statement in recent all star games. These red leather sneakers were perfect for shock value with just enough black and white to tone it down.

#2 Nike Air Penny II

Air Penny II

Year: 1997 All-Star Game
Player: Penny Hardaway

Often forgotten in many sneaker debates these classics garner much respect due to the design, logo, and colour. Not to mention they were worn by the most talented guard in the league at that time.

#1 Air Jordan XI

Year: 1996 All-Star Game
Michael Jordan

Just when you thought this shoe couldn’t get any better. White on white, clear soles, Carolina blue accents and a Jumpman logo will always top any list.


#5 Reebok Shaqnosis

Year: 1996 All-Star Game
Player: Shaquille O’Neal

As hypnotizing as these shoes were intended to be it still wasn’t enough to ignore how bad they looked from any angle.

#4 Reebok Answer 10

Reebok Answer 10

Year: 2007 All-Star Game
Player: Allen Iverson

Reebok didn’t hold back on trying to fit every idea that came to mind when designing this shoe. Unfortunately someone forgot to yell “STOP!” Ironically the Reebok Answer is a reflection of AI’s career in the NBA.

#3 Adidas T-Mac 6

Adidad Tmac 6

Year: 2007 All-Star Game
Player: Tracy McGrady

Adidas took a page for Reebok and decided that if they’re going throw everything on the wall and see what sticks. Then we can too!

#2 Dada Chrome CDubbz


Year: 2002 All-Star Game
Player: Chris Webber

Where to begin? There was nothing appealing about this shoe once people got past the chrome finish. The fact that they were designed by Dada  raises many eyebrows.

#1 Adidas Mutombo II

Adidas Mutombo II

Year: 1995 All-Star Game
Dikembe Mutombo

Clearly Adidas was in their experimental stages on whether they wanted to design the first NBA foot cast. How did they expect anyone to be mobile in these?

  • Rjnavia

    I had Shaqnosis it was a fun shoe, sorry to see it on the worst list.

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