Nike Air Jordans vs Jumpmans

Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble but this goes out to all the so-called sneaker heads boasting about how many Jordans they own. Some of you need to realize that those Jordans you’re wearing are simply Jumpmans. Sure they’ve been released under the Jordan brand and what was once a Nike Air emblem has now been replaced with the iconic Jumpman logo. In my books if they don’t say Nike Air as they did originally then you got a pair of Jumpmans not Jordans. If this offends you in any way then it means your Jumpman collection is simply just that and is heavily lacking some “Nike Air.” Some might argue that it’s the same shoe and I’ll partially agree. I’ll go on to say, same shoe but different weight and when I mean weight, I mean clout! Those who own a pair of original Jordan 3s or 4s know what I mean.

you got yourself a pair of Jumpmans not Jordans

A true sneakerhead out there knows what kind of diplomatic status it holds when you step out rocking a pair of Nike Air Jordans, especially when the Nike Air tag is swinging off the side during each step you take. All in the hopes that someone sporting a pair of Jumpmans takes notice and quickly humbles themselves. So let’s continue on with this game called life but to all you Jumpman fanatics out there consider this your warning shot.

  • concerned J rocker

    Jumpmans are bogus..why did they even start that up?

  • Tallyhawk

    Trying to capitalize on the success that Nike had. Too bad most of the Jordan brand designs are sh*t!

  • ProNick

    soooo!the 8’s on up to the last pair under nike (12’s i believe?)didnt have a nike symbol?
    plus they want to much for ’em?

    • Kamar

      If I’m not mistaken, the Jordan 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 were all branded with Nike. I’d pay the extra cash for the Nike branding and the rights to say I have the originals. 

  • Jamal

    I still love my Jumpmans, But I’m in the market for some NIKE AIR JORDAN’S, specifically the FIVES.

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