Nike Air Jordan III Retro Re-Release

Word on the street is that Nike and the Jordan Brand have heard the cries from O.G sneaker heads and are re-releasing the classic Jordan IIIs. If you’re a new-schooler you’re saying, “Who gives a shit?”. Well, what has this so-called release in so much discussion, is that there will NOT be a Jumpman logo on the back. Instead, the “Nike Air” logo will reclaim it’s rightful spot. So what gives, right? The Jordan brand will have their text/type branding on the out-soles. I guess they had to leave the bargaining table with something. You can call it a cash grab/money making scheme to make all of those who ran out to buy these kicks in 2011, left scratching their heads. Or accept the fact that this is the sneaker-drug game and you my friend are and always will be the customer and Nike and the Jordan brand are the dealers.

I’ve read the comments on other websites covering the story and there’s a mix of emotions. Most of which are excited to see these retros re-released as close as possible to the original. Others cry and bitch about Nike and the Jordan brand taking advantage of the consumer and why the hot chick that works on their floor won’t notice them. Quite frankly, if you feel that strongly about being taken advantage of as a consumer then don’t buy these kicks. It’s as simple as that! These kicks are rumored to drop around all-star weekend so expect a few unfortunate reports of people causing riots to get a pair. As for myself, I won’t be getting pepper-sprayed over a pair of kicks I already have.

  • Keith Javier

    I, on the other hand, have no qualms about being pepper-sprayed (but only if they do the same treatment for the white/black/cement grey IVs).

    • Kamar Martin

      Lol! Let’s hope this rumor is carried out on all of them.

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